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The key to a life-long, happy customer is a good product backed by quality customer service. A helpdesk ticketing system is essential.

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    Prioritize workloads for quick response times.

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    Organize tickets into queues.

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    Set weighting rules so that each ticket is responded to optimally.

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    Add Knowledge Base articles to answer common questions.

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    Evaluate productivity with informative reporting tools.

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    Easily customizable for your business needs.

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Setup is simple and intuitive.

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Whether you have a few agents in one office or many agents spread across the globe, Brisk Support is the ultimate solution for increasing productivity and making happier customers.

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    Assign agents to queues based on their specialties.

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    Agents will always be working on the most important ticket.

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    Organizes email, phone and chat tickets in one place.

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    Track communication between team members.

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    Enables easy search of the history of customer service inquiries.

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Who is Brisk Support Helpdesk Software For?

Brisk Support is for Start Ups

Software Companies

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Brisk Support is for Entrepreneurs

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Brisk Support is for Marketing

Internet Providers

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Who are we?

Like you, we have a business and want to provide quality customer service. For many years, we have used help desk software made by another company. We were never satisfied with the system, but kept trying to make it work.

Then, one epic day, we had an epiphany. We could take our real results and experience from years of using a support ticket system, combine it with our talented software developers and make our own amazing system. From the collaboration of our development team and our customer care team, Brisk Support was born.

We are enjoying using it so much in-house, we've decided to share it with you too.